Junior High School

Applications are accepted only for the 1st grade of Junior High School
Prospective student details
Prospective student's father details
Prospective student's mother details
Affiliation with Hellenic-American Educational Foundation
Declarations to HAEF

Data’s accuracy and update: I, the undersigned, hereby declare that the information provided in this application form regarding the applicant, the candidate and the other parent is accurate. In the event of any change, I will notify HAEF accordingly (Student Admissions Office, tel. 210.6798138, email [email protected]).

Information regarding the processing of personal data: I hereby declare that I was informed by HAEF about the processing of personal data relating to me personally, to my minor child, and to the child’s other parent on whose behalf I act by explicit authorization (which I shall present if so requested by HAEF) and bear full responsibility for information provided on their behalf. In particular, I have been informed and agree to the retention of the data, that I have provided on this form, in the Student Admissions Office archives and in the electronic archive system for prospective students, to their processing for HAEF’s communication regarding admission processes and to the retention of the data until the completion of the admissions procedures. Furthermore, I agree to the retention of data contained herein in the event that the candidate is accepted for admission in one of HAEF’s schools (at which time I will resubmit the required data, whereas the legal basis for data processing will be my contractual relationship with HAEF and compliance with HAEF’s legal obligations) or because of my consent to future communication (see below).

Special Categories of Personal Data: Regarding special categories of personal data that I have declared herein (candidate’s nationality) and other special categories of personal data (e.g. health data) that I may be required to declare or disclose during the examination process of the HAEF’s Student Admissions Application Form submitted, I hereby give my consent to HAEF to process this personal data in order to complete the Admissions Application procedures.

Consent for future communication: In the event that my child’s name is not drawn in the lottery and is, therefore, not admitted into “John M. Carras” Kindergarten, I give my consent for HAEF to maintain on record the information I submitted with this application in order to be sent information about the admissions process  into higher grades at the HAEF schools (i.e. Elementary School grade 1, Middle School grade 7, High School grade 10, or intermediate grades).

Information on the admissions process and communication from HAEF: HAEF will provide you with information about the procedures and conditions for admission into the HAEF Schools using the contact details submitted by the applicant on the relevant form.  Kindy note that in order for candidates to be included in the admissions process, parents must reconfirm their interest to HAEF by submitting a statement to that effect one year before the child’s admission into “John M. Carras” Kindergarten.